Alternate method of using BOPP in Iris KashFlow

Alternate method of using BOPP in Iris KashFlow

Setting up BOPP as the main payment method is easy and takes only a few minutes, assuming you have already created a BOPP account. The best way is to use email templates (see instructions for this in the FAQ entitled "How do I set up BOPP in Iris KashFlow?"), but if this is not possible then the below method will also work.

Simply follow these instructions.

Step 1 - Create multi-use BOPP Paylink
1. Open the BOPP app
2. Click on the 'Pay request' settings button. Under 'Expiry Settings' select 'Multiuse'.  
3. While still in Settings, Under 'Payment Amount' select 'Set by Payer', then 'Apply to this request'.  Steps 2 & 3 are critical.
4. Click on 'Request', then 'Share Paylink'.  Email this link to yourself.

You have now generated a Paylink that can be used multiple times.

NOTE: A BOPP pay request can be set up to ask for more information if required (e.g. you can ask payers to enter their name). You may add whatever BOPP parameters you wish but you must use those above.

Step 2 -Amend PDF Themes in KashFlow

1. Log into KashFlow
2. Select 'Settings'
3. Under Configuration Settings select 'PDF Themes'

3. From PDF Themes, select the Theme used for your invoices.

4. Next select 'Misc Options', then go to the 'Additional Text' box.

In this box we we to:
a. Insert some text to instruct the user what to do
b. Insert the BOPP Paylink generated at the start of this process.
c. Save & Exit

Please copy and paste this text into the 'Additional Text' box:


Please pay securely and easily by instant bank transfer by using BOPP.

Simply click the Paylink below to pay.



Where [BOPP PAYLINK URL] = the BOPP paylink you generated from the BOPP app.

Now simply click 'Save & Exit'.

That's it! Every time you download your invoice to email to your customers it will include a BOPP Paylink that the recipient can click on easily to pay. When they do click on this link, they simply enter any associated information and pay.

If you want to test that the set up works, simply create an invoice. When you click on the BOPP paylink the process will start. DO NOT complete this as you will make a real payment.