BOPP guide to customising your QR code

BOPP guide to customising your QR code

QR Code Size and Scanning Distance

A QR code’s minimum resolution to work on a mobile phone should be 76 x 76 px, or 20 x 20 mm.

QR codes were designed for a 10:1 size to distance ratio.
This means the optimal distance to scan is 10 times the size of the code - a 20 x 20mm code should be scanned at a distance of 200 mm.
The optimal size for QR code to be printed on a a poster is 100x100 mm.
This allows the phone to scan 1 meter away.

Quiet zone

This are should be kept clear.


Good contrast between the background and the QR Code colour is very important when a standard Black & White code is not used.
In cases of colourised codes, the QR Code should have a dark colour with a light background colour.

Please note:
Some QR Code Readers can not read reversed colours e.g., light colour with a dark background colour, white with black background colour.

Your own logo
The size of your logo should not exceed 15% of the size of the QR code.

BOPP branding
The BOPP logo and tagline should always be displayed. This is to reassure the user that the URL is safe and has been generated by an FCA regulated company.

Please note: all the above are based on screen brightness of ≥85%

Test your customised QR code

Always test a customised QR code with a few different devices before using it to make sure that it works as expected. We recommend testing on an iPhone and on Android phones, as well as on different OS for both.