Enable Gift-aid BOPP app

Gift-aid is not an option within my BOPP App, what should I do?

As Gift-aid was only recently introduced into the BOPP platform, you may need to refresh your app settings for the change to be phone.  

To do this please follow these steps

1. Launch the BOPP app on your phone and select "Bank Account" from the menu
2. Click on the option "Check Settings"

3. The process might take a few seconds and once complete you should see this confirmation which you can just close

4. Close the bank account screen and go into the request settings screen

5. Confirm that the option for gift-aid is now available

Note: Gift-aid is only available to registered charities within BOPP.  If you are a registered charity and you have completed the steps above but still do not see Gift-aid please open a ticket with our support team.