How to pay using the 6-digit code?

How to pay using the 6-digit code?

Please note: to pay using the 6-digit code, you need to have the BOPP app installed on your phone.


When a QR code is created, a 6-digit code is also created. This code is valid for 3 minutes, after this time it will expire and a new code will be generated. If the QR code scanner isn't recognising the image, the 6-digit code is an alternative way to access the pay request.

Step 1. Open the BOPP app
Step 2. Click on the icon in the top left to open the QR code scanner

Step 3. Click the 'Enter code' button 

Step 4. This will open a screen where you can enter the 6-digit code

Then you'll be able to see the payment details and proceed to make the payment.