How do I set up BOPP in FreeAgent?

How do I set up BOPP in FreeAgent?

Setting up BOPP as the method on FreeAgent is easy and takes only a few minutes, assuming you have already created a BOPP account.

Simply follow these instructions.

Step 1 - Create multi-use BOPP Paylink
1. Open the BOPP app
2. Click on the 'Pay request' settings button. Under 'Expiry Settings' select 'Multi use'.  
3. While still in Settings, Under 'Payment Amount' select 'Set by payer', then 'Apply to this request'.  Steps 2 & 3 are critical.
4. Click on 'Request', then 'Share Paylink'.  Email this link to yourself.

You have now generated a Paylink that can be used multiple times.

Step 2 -Amend Email Templates in FreeAgent

1. Log into FreeAgent
2. Go to Settings
3. Choose Email Templates

4. Enter this text

"Pay securely and conveniently by clicking the BOPP Paylink below."

5.Then create your custom BOPP Paylink. Copy paste your BOPP Paylink and the add ?reference=[reference]&value=[amount_due]

Your custom URL should look like this: https://PAYLINKURL?reference=[reference]&value=[amount_due], just with a real BOPP Paylink.

6. Click "Save New Invoice Template"

You are good to go! Every invoice you now generate and email from FreeAgent will generate a BOPP payment request link with the correct amount and invoice number, where the invoice number will appear as the bank reference field in your bank and the payer's bank.

If you want to test that the set up works, then go to "Works" and select "Invoicing", then send yourself a test invoice. This will generate an email to you. When you receive this email you will notice that the amount fields and invoice number is populated, and the email has a Paylink that can be clicked on.  If you click this link you'll have started the customer payment journey. DO NOT complete this as you will make a real payment.