How do I set up BOPP in Iris KashFlow?

How do I set up BOPP in Iris KashFlow?

Setting up BOPP as the main payment method is easy and takes only a few minutes, assuming you have already created a BOPP account. What follows is what we believe is the best way (using email templates), however if using email templates is not possible see our other FAQ entitled "Alternate method of using BOPP in Iris KashFlow".

Simply follow these instructions.

Step 1 - Create multi-use BOPP Paylink
1. Open the BOPP app
2. Click on the 'Pay request' settings button. Under 'Expiry Settings' select 'Multi use'.  
3. While still in Settings, Under 'Payment Amount' select 'Set by payer', then 'Apply to this request'.  Steps 2 & 3 are critical.
4. Click on 'Request', then 'Share Paylink'.  Email this link to yourself.

You have now generated a Paylink that can be used multiple times.

Step 2 -Amend Invoice Settings in KashFlow

1. Log into KashFlow
2. Select 'Settings'
3. Under Configuration Settings select 'Email Templates'

3. From Email Templates, select the template email associated with sales invoices (often this is the default template as shown below):

4. Next let's update the default text in the email to be more instructive for the reader and make it easy for them to understand what is being asked. In this example we have updated the text to:

Your [ENTITY] is attached. To pay the full amount of [TOTAL] by BOPP (easy instant bank transfer) please simply click on the link below.

In this example, when the email is sent [ENTITY] is replaced with "Sales Invoice" and [TOTAL] is replaced with the actual invoice amount.

5.  Now we are going to create a BOPP Paylink and embed it in the email template. In the template now click on the link icon in the menu bar, then select 'insert link'

When prompted, follow these steps:
- In the URL field copy & paste YOUR BOPP multi-use paylink, then (without leaving any gaps) copy and paste this text on the end:  ?value=[TOTAL]&reference=[INVNUM] . When complete the full text should look something like this: https://PAYLINK?value=[TOTAL]&reference=[INVNUM]
- In the text field, enter this text:    Pay by BOPP Instant Bank Transfer
- Then, click the 'Open link in new tab' option
- Lastly, Click 'Insert'

That's it! Every time you email an invoice from KashFlow the email will include a BOPP Paylink that the recipient can click on easily to pay. When they do click on this link, the correct amount and invoice number will load automatically, where the invoice number will appear as the bank reference field in your bank and the payer's bank.

If you want to test that the set up works, simply create an invoice and mail it to yourself from Kashflow. When you receive the email email, click the 'Pay by BOPP Instant Bank Transfer' link and you'll be able to start the customer payment journey. DO NOT complete this as you will make a real payment. 

Below is an example test email sent on a £5.00 invoice, for Invoice Reference '1':