How to use PIN protection?

How to use PIN protection?

What is Pin Protection?
PIN protection means that a PIN is required in order to access particular functions within the BOPP app.

If you don't add a PIN, no-one can make a payment using BOPP unless they have access to your bank account. 

You can choose to add a Pin to:
  1. View and manage your bank account
  2. Access previous payment activity
  3. Launch the BOPP app
Please note, if you forget your Pin you will need to reinstall the app and all data will be erased.

To set up a Pin
Step 1. Click on the three lines in the top right of the screen 

Step 2. Select Pin Protection from the menu
Step 3. Click the Set Pin button

Step 4. Add a 4 digit pin number
Step 5. You will be asked to confirm the Pin by adding it again
Step 6. Once the pin is set, you can select the features you want to protect.

These features include access to view and manage your bank account,
accessing your activity history  and launching the app.

How to remove Pin protection
If for some reason you no longer want to use PIN protection, you can remove it at any time. Click "Remove PIN" within the PIN protection screen. You will be asked to confirm PIN removal.