What functionality / Information is available in the dashboard.

What functionality / Information is available in the dashboard.

What information is shown in the dashboard 

Once you have a valid BOPP Subscription and activated your account in the Dashboard.
See Guidance notes: 

Once in the dashboard the following information is available for you 

Home Screen

The home screen will be presented.  The Dashboard menu runs down the left hand side of the screen. 


Dashboard Menu

Bank Account

This is the same bank account that should be onboarded as the Bopp App, your activation code is required when onboarding your account. 

Gift Aid

If Gift Aid is enabled on your account, here you will see payments received with all the required elements to claim Gift Aid. 
This information can also be downloaded to CSV file.  

Key Management

This is where you can generate a Key and subsequently it can be used on your developed site to enable BOPP as a payment method when checking out your shopping cart.


Here you will find all your received payments, Depending on the custom setting set for the created QR code/Paylink additional information is also displayed, the ability to download this information in CSV format is also available. Additionally you able to further drill down on the individual payment lines which displays any notes and QR code / Paylink options selected.

Request Activity

Here you will find all your created payment requests and see details of the activity against them. You additionally have the option to copy the paylink or cancel using the 3 dots. This information is also available in CSV format which can be downloaded for your reference.

When clicking on a line item you will have access to obtain the related QR Code / Paylink if the request is still at Open status, along with seeing all the custom options used in its creation. If the staus is Closed you still see the options used but as expected the QR code will not be available. When clicking on the item item you can now see all associated transactions replated to the QR Code / Paylink



Request Payment 

This section allows you to create and customise QR codes / Paylinks. Now you have the ability to not only create Qr codes / Paylinks on the BOPP app but now additional theses can be created in the dashboard. The customised options to create QR codes / paylinks is divided in 3 sections, General, Expiry Settings and Other Settings. 

BOPP Account 

This section is used to administer your BOPP account
If the dashboard has been enabled and you wish to close your BOPP account this needs to be done firstly in the dashboard after which you should contact the BOPP Onboarding team.